Jennifer Baguss

As a marketing specialist, Jennifer Baguss brings years of digital content writing and marketing experience to the EP team. Her background in journalism makes her a thoughtful and concise writer with a keen interest in taking complicated concepts and making them easily digestible for those who wish to learn. When she's not writing, you can catch her on two wheels, mountain biking, road biking, and even fat biking in the winter!

Recent Posts

5 Reasons You Need Systematic Review Software for Economic Evaluations

By Jennifer Baguss

Healthcare decision makers have the difficult task of making the choices that define our healthcare policies and practices. These decisions are never taken lightly and choices should always be backed by copious evidence. An economic evaluation (EE) is commonly used in healthcare...

3 Reasons Every Literature Review Needs an Audit Trail

By Jennifer Baguss

The audit trail: a digital trail of cookie crumbs that effectively illustrates the path taken to get to where you currently are. In a literature review, an audit trail is a relatively new concept in the grand scheme of things. Older literature review methods, like using a pen and paper or even a...

Rise of the Robots 2.0: Real Talk About Artificial Intelligence in Systematic Reviews

By Jennifer Baguss

Artificial intelligence in systematic reviews is undoubtedly the way of the future. With an overwhelming amount of data powering today's evidence-based research, it's becoming more difficult for researchers to keep up with the amount of manual work required to manage and maintain systematic...

Classifiers 101: The Power Behind Automation in Systematic Reviews

By Jennifer Baguss

The demand for evidence-based research is reaching a tipping point. Across almost all industries, the need for clear and concise evidence is starting to overwhelm the researchers whose job it is to find it. Systematic reviews (SRs) are still widely considered to be the best way to collect,...

What Happens if You Fail an EU MDR Audit

By Jennifer Baguss

EU MDR is coming into effect in a few short months, and you’ve probably been working overtime to make sure your medical device meets the new compliance standards. But what happens if you don’t meet the requirements? It’s something we don’t want to think about, but it could be the reality if you...

A Closer Look at Natural Language Processing in Systematic Reviews

By Jennifer Baguss

For some, the hesitation to trust artificial intelligence (AI) in systematic reviews comes from not fully understanding the technology that powers it. For example, when we say DistillerSR uses “natural language processing,” what does that really mean in practical terms? In this post, we’re...

What Will Happen to Legacy Products Under EU MDR?

By Jennifer Baguss

Products in the medical industry that were made before applicable standards or regulations came into effect are known as legacy products or grandfathered products. Since these products pre-date specific directives, they are often exempt from meeting the new regulations and are still allowed to...

Dual Screening in Your Systematic Review Process: Is it Worth the Time?

By Jennifer Baguss

For this blog, we spoke with EP Research Product Specialist, Jennifer Tetzlaff about the challenges and benefits of independent dual screening in a systematic review.

Dual independent screening in your systematic review process is undoubtedly considered a best practice. But for some research...

5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Researchers

By Jennifer Baguss

What sneaks up faster than the May 2020 EU MDR deadline? The holidays, of course! If you’re stumped on what to get the researcher or academic in your life, or if you are a researcher whose family and friends keep asking for your wish list, you’re in luck! We polled our office to find the best...

Why the Risk Management Process Needs Systematic Reviews

By Jennifer Baguss

Many industries that undertake policy and guideline creation perform some type of risk assessment. It could be identifying and quantifying specific risks relating to a company and its stakeholders, or a broader mandate to assess risk and harm in the general population. Regardless of its purpose,...