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Citing Distiller in Publications and Presentations

Our clients screen over 50,000 references every day – over 4 million in total to date – and have completed thousands of reviews using our software. We’re often asked about citing the use of Distiller in publications and presentations, so we put together the following guidelines and examples.

If you wish to note the use of DistillerSR or DistillerCER in a publication or if you wish to include screen captures of Distiller, you may cite it as follows:

DistillerSR, Evidence Partners, Ottawa, Canada

DistillerCER, Evidence Partners, Ottawa, Canada


DistillerSR (Evidence Partners, Ottawa, Canada)

DistillerCER (Evidence Partners, Ottawa, Canada)


“Screening and data extraction was completed using DistillerSR (Evidence Partners, Ottawa, Canada)”

“Forms were created using web-based systematic review software (DistillerSR, Evidence Partners, Ottawa, Canada)”

“Screen shot from DistillerSR (Evidence Partners, Ottawa, Canada)”

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