Evidence Partners Launches DistillerSR Enterprise Plan

Ottawa, CANADA, June 27, 2019 - Evidence Partners, creators of industry’s most used software for literature review automation, today announced a new set of enterprise-level features for DistillerSR to help large teams and organizations more efficiently manage their literature reviews.

“These new features will help solve a lot of logistical challenges for a rapidly growing segment of our subscribers in regulated industries,” said Peter O’Blenis, CEO of Evidence Partners. “They will significantly reduce logistical overhead for all organizations managing high volumes of reviews, massive datasets, and large teams.”

The DistillerSR Enterprise Plan includes access to the Aggregate Reporting and Global Permissions features, which were introduced as part of the most recent software update earlier this month. Aggregate Reporting lets users combine data from multiple projects into a single report, saving time and reducing manual errors. The Global Permissions feature allows groups to decentralize  account management across their broader organization.

“This release is an important step in the continued expansion enterprise functionality within DistillerSR,” said O’Blenis. “In particular, the new aggregate reporting infrastructure will serve as the underlying basis for even more advanced, customizable, and interactive visualization, export and reporting functions in upcoming releases.”

Get all the details on the features included in the latest DistillerSR release.

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