What’s New In DistillerSR: Aggregate Reporting, Global Permissions, Extended Filters and more!

DistillerSR got a major update over the weekend with some great new and improved features. Read on to get all the details!

Aggregate Reporting*

Have you ever wished you could produce a report that combines data from multiple projects? Now you can.

Aggregate reporting is the latest enhancement to DistillerSR’s powerful Datarama report engine. It can be used to export data from multiple similar projects into a single file with responses to the same questions populating in a single column - no copying and pasting required.

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Emailed Reports

Speaking of reports, here’s another handy feature that can save you a bit of time. When configuring your report settings, you can now have DistillerSR email the report to you. You can navigate away to complete other tasks while your report is processing. DistillerSR will send you an email when the report is ready for download.

Global Permissions*

Attention administrators: now you can share the workload!

DistillerSR account administrators can now assign some or all administrative functions to other users using Global Permissions, such as the ability to manage users, create or clone projects, and view global reports.

Filtering Frenzy

We’ve beefed up DistillerSR’s filtering options, making it even easier to customize your reviewing experience.

Now, in addition to filtering references based on specific forms, questions, or answers, users can filter by Labels, RefIDs or RefID ranges, by a percentage of random references, or any combination of these.

These enhanced filtering options have been implemented throughout DistillerSR and can be applied when partitioning, reporting, or even when building a Conditional Workflow. So whether you’re looking to review a random sample of your references, or build a report on a specific set, you can easily filter to get exactly what you need with this snazzy new interface.

And yes, these filters do apply across projects when you run an Aggregate Report.


These are only a few of the great new features in DistillerSR, all of which were inspired by you - our fantastic users! Can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

*Aggregate reporting and Global Permissions are included in DistillerSR Enterprise

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