What's New in DistillerSR v2?


All DistillerSR users will automatically be upgraded to DistillerSR v2 on June 30, 2016. Here are a few of the great new features that you will find in the latest version of DistillerSR:

More Meta!

The first thing you will notice on the new dashboard is that there is more information available to you:

  • Total number of references reviewed by you
  • Your total time spent reviewing on this project
  • Date and time of your last login
  • Number of references reviewed by you at each level, with a link to those references
  • Number of references where you are in conflict with another reviewer at each level, with links

Quick Search

You can now quickly search any reference by typing in RefID, Titles or Authors into the search box at the top right of the screen

Save Reports Menu Item

When you save a report in Datarama, you can now check a box to have it added to your Reports menu under “Saved Reports”. This lets you access saved reports quickly without having to first go into Datarama

Level Editor Rearranged

The Level Editor now starts with the form list at the left, followed by the levels and then the level settings on the right. This better reflects the process of setting up a project and is more intuitive for new users. We hope you agree!

Reference Linking

You can now link two references together. This is handy, for example, when you have two papers covering the same study.

Mapping Reference Data to Forms

You will find this at the bottom of the Reference menu. This new feature lets you automatically populate forms with field data that is in your references as if a reviewer had typed it in.

Mapping Form Data to References

This powerful feature lets you map data captured in forms to specific fields in your reference when you export in RIS format. This lets you transfer data coded in your review to other reference management tools such as EndNote.

Better De-Duping

Duplicate checking can now be tuned for sensitivity.

Cross-Form Propagation

Calculated fields can now work on field data across multiple forms and can propagate values from one form to the next.

Global Activity Reports

You can now have Distiller send you scheduled emails on the activity of any of your projects

New Sorting Option for Screening and Data Extraction

References can now be presented to reviewers ordered alphabetically against any tag or field in a reference, giving you more control over the order in which references are processed.

Do you want to see the new features? Book a live demo.



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