What Happens if You Fail an EU MDR Audit

By Jennifer Baguss

EU MDR is coming into effect in a few short months, and you’ve probably been working overtime to make sure your medical device meets the new compliance standards. But what happens if you don’t meet the requirements? It’s something we don’t want to think about, but it could be the reality if you...

Evidence Partners Names Mark Priatel as Vice President, Software Engineering

By Susan Sykes

OTTAWA, January 29, 2020 - Evidence Partners, a global leader in literature review solutions for evidence-based research organizations, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Priatel as Vice President, Software Engineering. Formerly the Chief Technology Officer at Klipfolio, Mark brings...

A Closer Look at Natural Language Processing in Systematic Reviews

By Jennifer Baguss

For some, the hesitation to trust artificial intelligence (AI) in systematic reviews comes from not fully understanding the technology that powers it. For example, when we say DistillerSR uses “natural language processing,” what does that really mean in practical terms? In this post, we’re...

What Will Happen to Legacy Products Under EU MDR?

By Jennifer Baguss

Products in the medical industry that were made before applicable standards or regulations came into effect are known as legacy products or grandfathered products. Since these products pre-date specific directives, they are often exempt from meeting the new regulations and are still allowed to...

Past, Present, and Future: Automation in Systematic Review Software

By Peter O'Blenis

Imagine 25 years ago. You are working on a systematic review. You are making hard copies of reports and studies, manually highlighting the relevant information, filing included studies in a cabinet and moving the excluded studies elsewhere. Your eyes are strained, you’ve been working on this for...

Dual Screening in Your Systematic Review Process: Is it Worth the Time?

By Jennifer Baguss

For this blog, we spoke with EP Research Product Specialist, Jennifer Tetzlaff about the challenges and benefits of independent dual screening in a systematic review.

Dual independent screening in your systematic review process is undoubtedly considered a best practice. But for some research...

5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Researchers

By Jennifer Baguss

What sneaks up faster than the May 2020 EU MDR deadline? The holidays, of course! If you’re stumped on what to get the researcher or academic in your life, or if you are a researcher whose family and friends keep asking for your wish list, you’re in luck! We polled our office to find the best...

Why the Risk Management Process Needs Systematic Reviews

By Jennifer Baguss

Many industries that undertake policy and guideline creation perform some type of risk assessment. It could be identifying and quantifying specific risks relating to a company and its stakeholders, or a broader mandate to assess risk and harm in the general population. Regardless of its purpose,...

Systematic Literature Review Essentials For Regulatory Pros

By Jennifer Baguss

In today’s fast changing regulatory landscape, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Regulatory bodies are placing manufacturer data and submissions under the proverbial microscope to make sure nothing is amiss. Adopting a rigorous and transparent systematic literature review process is one way that...

5 Things I Learned at MedTech Summit US

By Walter Capitani

Walter Capitani is Evidence Partner’s VP of Marketing and Business Services. This year, he attended MedTech Summit US in Chicago for three-day deep dive into the medical device industry’s top challenges. In this post, he's sharing the top five things he learned at MedTech Summit US: