How To Train Your Robot: Best Practices For Automated Screening

By Peter O'Blenis

DistillerAI made its global debut on Feb 11, 2018 in the latest release of the DistillerSR systematic review software platform. Since then, researchers around the world have been testing it and applying it to their literature reviews. In the process, they’ve discovered a few best practices for...

Want MDR-Ready Literature Reviews? Start Here.

By Dr. Isabella Steffensen

Fun fact: did you know that the word “literature” appears approximately 30 times in MEDDEV 2.7/1 rev.4?

If you’re involved in the preparation of Clinical Evaluation Reports (CERs), you are likely beginning to realize the important role that literature reviews play in meeting the new EU...

Rise Of The Robots: 3 Ways To Leverage Artificial Intelligence In Systematic Reviews Today

By Peter O'Blenis

The buzz about artificial intelligence (AI) promises to be louder than ever in 2018. For the evidence-based research set, the potential of computer-based tools to automate screening and data extraction in systematic reviews has researchers excited about the possibilities - and maybe a little bit...

Your Review, Your Needs: Searching for Systematic Review Software

By Joanna Lansche

So, you’re looking for a systematic review or literature review software and have no idea where to start. Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

As a cursory Google search will reveal, there are options for you to choose from. But the trick, as with any purchase or investment, is to find the one...

2017 Survey on Literature Reviews: 3 Fun Facts {Free Infographic}

By Joanna Lansche

“What’s your biggest literature review challenge?”

In August 2017, we asked a group of research professionals this - and a series of other burning questions - in our inaugural Survey on Literature Reviews. Their answers helped to shed light on how and why systematic reviews and other structured...

5 Key Terms You Need to Know About Systematic Reviews

By Joanna Lansche

Whether you’re new to systematic reviews or a long-time expert, there are a few key terms that every researcher needs to know. To start, let’s get back to the basics.

New Medical Device Regulations: How Y2K Can Help You Prepare

By Jonathan Barker

On May 26, 2020, medical device manufacturers around the world face a challenging deadline: submit regulatory dossiers to Notified Bodies in compliance with the new medical device regulations (MDR) passed by the European Parliament this past May, or lose the ability to sell these devices in...

3 Reasons To Use Distiller Systematic Review Software For Data Extraction

By Peter O'Blenis

Many groups choose to do the data extraction phase of their systematic review in Distiller systematic review software for the same reasons they do screening in Distiller:

Vote Or Classify: Which Is Faster For Title And Abstract Screening?

By Peter O'Blenis

Two vital tenets of the systematic review process are transparency and reproducibility.  I have long argued that both should apply at every every stage of the review process, including title and abstract screening.

Putting A Stop To Systematic Review Déjà Vu

By Peter O'Blenis

Systematic reviewers are prone to experiencing “déjà vu”, that indescribable gut feeling that you’ve done the exact same thing (or screened the same abstract) at some point in the past. Particularly if you specialize in a certain research topic, you may encounter the same references turning up...